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My son starts football doubles today—practice all morning, moms feed them lunch at the school, then practice all afternoon. Last night he appeared at the bottom of the stairs as he often does when he wants to ask me something. “Could you wake me up at 7:20?”

During the school year I get up at 6:30 to make our breakfast smoothies so he can have one before he has to get on the bus. I then proceed to get ready to go teach for part of the morning before I come home and write.

But it’s summertime, which means sleeping in until 8:00 and not needing to set the alarm clock. So I grumbled and asked him if he really needed to get up that early to leave at 8:15. He insisted he did, so I acquiesced, and here I sit at 7:44 a.m., until 5 minutes ago checking out Facebook and having a bad attitude about getting out of bed so early.

As I was sitting here checking Facebook statuses, I realized that this early morning time would be perfect for some prayer and devotions, which I had only done sporadically this summer because it is just rarely quiet when the kids are home from school. Getting up at 8 is nice, but does not give me much quiet time as I get to making smoothies and my 9-year-old wakes up and wants to chatter about the day and ask me questions.

I realized that when I get up with a bad attitude, I get on Facebook instead of reading God’s Word to start my day. When I grumble, I waste opportunities. I’m grateful that I could have these thoughts and will start to look at the time as a blessing rather than an unwelcome end to summer relaxation. I’m pretty sure those thoughts didn’t come entirely from me, so thank you, God, for the gentle reminder to always seek You no matter what is going on in my life. *

Now it’s 7:51, and I have some people to pray for and some scripture to read before I may or may not need to drive him to practice (depending on if his friend picks him up).

*This reminder also echoed my pastor’s sermon yesterday, so I want to give credit to him for helping me along in this as well. Although I’m sure he gives credit to God for the sermon.

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