Faith That Permeates

I was reflecting today on the fact that my faith, my love for God and His for me, permeates everything in my life. There’s a popular church song for kids that goes like this: “Deep and wide, deep and wide; There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.” If you grew up in church like I did, you may know this song. And like many things in life, it seems that some of the simplest things contain profound truth.

I sometimes try very hard to separate the parts of my life. Somehow it just seems like it’s going to be easier to deal with that way. What does shopping have to do with God? Or eating? Or my daily, relentless schedule of cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, teaching (not now, it’s summer), paying bills? Need I go on? I often think, if only I didn’t have so many things to do, I could really focus on my spiritual side. I could pray more, study more, spend more time with God.

In reality, I can’t separate my faith from any other part of my life. It’s all one, and God is omnipresent, always present everywhere. All I really need to do is realize it and act as though it were true. I can pray while I am doing the dishes. I can study while my youngest one plays on the floor next to me. I can sing praise while I drive my son to football practice. This one I’ve got down, even though it may cause my kids much embarrassment! I can live out my faith with kindness and patience in the grocery store, at the pool, and everywhere I go.

How deep, and how wide, has God’s love permeated your life? Do you, like me, try to separate out the spiritual from the so-called mundane? I’m going to be making a concerted effort from now on to recognize the reality that there is no separation between the God part of my life and every other part. I’m going to stop telling myself I just don’t have time for God on the really busy days, that I will pray and reflect on a less crazy day.

Here is a song that got me thinking in this direction:

Thanks to Richard Brooks at Flyte School blog for the tutorial that showed me how to embed a YouTube video into a blog post!

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