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How I Got Here

Back as far as I can remember, I have wanted to be a writer. All through my childhood, I told myself that only famous people could be writers, and my chances of becoming famous were next to nothing. I decided to become an English teacher because I felt the job prospects were better, and it was another way to inspire people. While in college, I took a course on writing for publication. Suddenly the possibilities stretched before me. I could write for magazines, or even the fledgling online market of the mid-90’s. I started teaching and my time for writing dwindled to nothing, but I began to read books about writing–both about the process of writing and how to find work as a writer. A few years later, I quit teaching to stay at home with my son. I began writing for a few online markets such as Suite101 and The Dollar Stretcher, but economic realities soon forced me back into more reliable paid income.

Although I wrote little for publication over the next 10 years, writing had gotten its claws into me and would not let go. As my faith developed and grew, I realized that God was nudging me to make a greater commitment to writing. I resisted His call for several years while working 2 part-time jobs and raising young kids. Where would I find time to write? Did I really have something important to say? It became an issue of faith. God was asking me whether I really trusted Him enough to do what He wanted me to do.

I knew my income was helping us make ends meet. We had two children in private Christian school and a mountain of debt from the beginning of our marriage when our family income was far lower. I had to overcome the guilt that came with shifting my commitment from reliable part-time income to the complete unknown of writing. Finally, it began to seem worse not to follow God’s will for my life, no matter the consequences elsewhere. I had to decide to trust Him with my future.

Currently, I have 2 ebooks in the pipeline, which will be published in July/August and September. I have ideas for several more books, as well as a possible ghostwriting project. God has been faithful and our family has wanted for nothing. I still teach part-time, but have greatly reduced my hours at my second part-time job to make time for writing. I expect I will give it up entirely in the near future. I’m wondering what took me so long and marveling at the way God doggedly pursued me in order to give me the thing I’ve always dreamed of. I look forward to seeing just why God thought it was so important for me to write that He would not let it go despite years of my excuses.

Stay tuned, I will be making announcements through the blog about publication dates of the books, etc.

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