New Beginnings

Part of me hates making New Year’s Resolutions. There’s so much pressure to get it right this time and not to mess up. How many have you broken this year so far? I made mine very open-ended this year, which gives me a better chance of keeping them (or at least, I hope so).

But the part about making resolutions that I like is that they are a new beginning. Instead of continuing on the same way you’ve been going, you get a chance to do something in a new way, or do something completely different.

We don’t need New Year’s Day to come around for us to be able to do something different in our lives. Throughout 2014 (and for many years before that), I made many changes in my life at different times. Last January, I decided to change some things about my appearance in anticipation of my 40th birthday. If I couldn’t stop time from passing, I reasoned, I could at least make time look like it wasn’t leaving its mark on me. Some of these changes led to a different way of eating which has impacted my life in a positive way.

I also became a published author during 2014 and started working for a writing company. Now I feel like a “real” writer, even though I have been writing in a significant way for many years, sometimes more and sometimes less.

And (you knew it was coming) there are always new chances when God is in the picture. Many of the changes that I mentioned above came about as results of much prayer and many times when God worked in my heart and mind in ways that I could never have expected.

Every day is a new experience when the Holy Spirit is involved in my life. Having a living relationship with my Creator is not something I take lightly. Just like any significant relationship, distance and a lack of time spent together have negative effects. The hope that comes with the knowledge that change is always possible has had a great effect on my life.

In a way, this post represents a new beginning, since I have not posted on this blog in some time. I look forward to a renewed focus on sharing insights about faith with you. Let’s take our faith to the next level in 2015 together! Your comments are always appreciated.


I don’t know about you, but I’m taking a mental vacation to this place as often in 2015 as possible!

Jen Krausz

About Jen Krausz

Child of God, wife, mother, teacher, writer. So many roles, so little time! Due to God's insistent nudging, writing has become more than just the last role on the list, but something to which time and energy are intentionally committed. Jen writes about life experiences and how they continually point her back to her loving God.
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