Praying and Fasting for September 11th

Ground Zero Cross

It is 13 years this week since the illusion that Americans were safe from terrorism was shattered by the attacks on September 11, 2001. With new threats looming and conflicts in the Middle East continuing, I frequently think about (and yes, worry about) what the future will bring to our country and to the world as a whole.

I feel powerless to do anything about the world situation. I am but one person without any power on a national or global scale. I have had many grieving moments since those attacks, as with each passing year, the world seems to slide closer and closer to the brink of chaos and destruction.

What usually keeps me from descending into depression is remembering that God is in control. Join me in praying and fasting tomorrow, September 10th, and/or Thursday, September 11th. I plan to fast and pray parts of both days.

Why do I want to fast and pray?

Because I fear for my country and the world. I’m taking that fear to God, the only one who can save us from the evil around us and from ourselves. I want to set aside special time for God alone, to talk with Him and ask for His help and protection.

I will pray for God to give wisdom to our leaders here and in the world. I will pray for God’s protection from evil people who want to hurt us. I will pray for cold hearts to turn back to God, who loves us as no one else can.

There are many examples of fasting and prayer in the Bible. From the glory days of the nation of Israel to Jesus and His followers after Him, believers pray and fast when they need to set themselves apart for God’s purposes, when they are oppressed and begging for relief, when they are afraid and know that God’s intervention is their only hope.

I don’t know God’s plan and purpose for the world or what the future may bring. I just don’t think things are the way God wants them to be, in so many different ways. Poverty, violence, and depravity seem so prevalent in the world today, and America has its share of all these things, too. We need God to intervene in the hearts of people all around the world.

I pray that faithful people will call on God over the next two days. I think it’s a very fitting time to dedicate ourselves to prayer and examine our hearts before God.


Photo by Tina Lawson @ Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

Jen Krausz

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