It’s finally warming up some here in Eastern Pennsylvania, and not a moment too soon. The winter seemed long and cold this year. We’re almost out of oil in our tank and really hoping not to have to fill it up again until off season when the prices (should) drop. I pulled out all my summer clothes one day last week, and now I want to wear them.

The changing of the seasons brings to mind how our faith can have seasons, too. My goal each and every day is to get just a little bit closer to God, to grow in my relationship with Him. I am aware, however, that some days I will just not hit that mark despite my best efforts. Sometimes it’s because of circumstances beyond my control, and sometimes it’s for other reasons that I do need to take responsibility for.

If I decide to sit and watch TV or take a nap or read a book, or even do chores/work/something productive instead of spend time with God, it will make a difference in how close I feel to Him. If I yell at my kids or nag my husband or cut someone off on the highway, it doesn’t really put me in the right frame of mind to draw near to God who is love, does it?

All that being said, I truly believe that we can try our best to do everything right, but things still happen to draw us away from God. Life is just never going to be a smooth road where everything goes according to plan. In those times, I am so thankful for God’s grace. I have learned to accept the seasons of the Christian life while not (usually) getting complacent or neglecting my faith. (We all have our moments.)

I won’t ever try to tell you that I have it all figured out, theologically or otherwise. But I don’t feel that God condemns me in those seasons where I am not as close to Him. I condemn myself much more, usually. My best course of action seems to be to look for for the next opportunity to draw close to Him, and take hold of it with all I’ve got. To trust Him through the uncertain times that He really does have it under control. There are lessons in the waiting, and I don’t want to miss them any more than I want to miss the close times, the certain times.

May God bless His waiting people, those who are close to Him and those who would like to be.

Jen Krausz

About Jen Krausz

Child of God, wife, mother, teacher, writer. So many roles, so little time! Due to God's insistent nudging, writing has become more than just the last role on the list, but something to which time and energy are intentionally committed. Jen writes about life experiences and how they continually point her back to her loving God.
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