Truth and Consequences

We don’t often think about our lives introspectively. Everything we do is a choice, motivated by desire, or fear, or need. Do we ever think about which of our choices bring us closer to God? Or which ones interrupt that relationship, make it more difficult or less likely?

Do we choose to make time each day to talk to God (pray)? We talk to the other significant people in our lives. We read books about how to parent, how to relate to our spouse, and other issues we face in life. Do we read the Bible to learn the nature and character of our God, what pleases Him, what He wants us to do in our lives?

Do we pass over opportunities to be with other believers, for worship, to study, or to know and support each other? Would we rather be at home “relaxing,” watching a movie, or TV, or something else that pleases us for the moment? There’s nothing wrong with any of that. My point is, let’s do the things that are truly important to us, that reflect our values and our faith.

The choices that we make in our lives have much to do with our relationship with God. I encourage you to take just half an hour today (or 10 minutes if that’s all you have) to think about the things in your life that cause you to be further away from God (emotionally, spiritually) than you would like. I challenge you to give up one of them and see if it makes a difference. If our goal is to get closer and closer to God, we need to be ruthless about cutting out of our lives the things that will keep us from meeting that goal.

My own experience has been that we will be blessed much more than what we are giving up.

Jen Krausz

About Jen Krausz

Child of God, wife, mother, teacher, writer. So many roles, so little time! Due to God's insistent nudging, writing has become more than just the last role on the list, but something to which time and energy are intentionally committed. Jen writes about life experiences and how they continually point her back to her loving God.
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