Where Have I Been?

Do you get curious about bloggers you read? What their “real lives” are like? Why they haven’t posted anything for 27 days?

Maybe you don’t. Maybe you just want to read the content and don’t care about the bloggers’ personal lives. Personally, I get insanely curious about the lives of the bloggers whose blogs I read. It thrills me when Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom(R) posts about her routines or her kids or her shopping trips. I love when Brandy Simper of Prudent Homemaker posts about how she saved money this week and all the frugal things she did. I guess I live a simple life and it doesn’t take much to thrill me.

Anyway, this blog is a lot smaller than the ones I mentioned, and you may not care where I’ve been for the last 27 days. Or you may be insanely curious. After all, I published an ebook about 27 days ago. Then I seemed to disappear. What happened?


I have the above picture taped to my storage cabinet at school. I apologize if it is copyrighted, I could find no attribution or way to credit it anywhere. This last month has been full of obstacles to writing. Family activities, paid writing assignments and preparing to go back to school all diverted me from my best laid plans for frequent blog posts and e-book marketing all over the web.

In the last 27 days, I have completed about that many paid writing assignments. I picked 100 pounds of peaches from my mother-in-law’s tree and made pies, bars, bread, muffins and canned jars of peaches. I baked for the football team multiple times and helped serve lunch at 4 of their 7 double practices, plus a team dinner after the second scrimmage. I wrote curriculum and scope and sequence in preparation for the new year. I almost expanded my day to teaching full time rather than part time, but thankfully, that did not happen. I took several day trips. It was quite a month.

School started today! I enjoyed the expectant faces, helping students open lockers, and explaining the procedures of middle school to the brand new fifth graders. I am looking forward to the year, but all along I smiled inside because I knew what was coming.

I only teach mornings, so at noon I helped the stragglers once again open those difficult lockers before lunch, then headed home to an afternoon of writing. How I have missed this quiet time of reflection and thoughtfulness! How I look forward to 180 days of blog posts, studying scripture, marketing, and anything else God sees fit to put in front of me!

Last September, I came reluctantly to writing. My enthusiasm waxed and waned* depending on the day. I wasn’t sure what God was asking me to do and how I would possibly do it. God has really grown me in a year’s time. I spent more time writing this summer than I have ever spent in a summer, and it has only made me want to do it even more.

I encourage you to look back and see how God has grown you in the last year. It’s quite the eye-opener to consider how you have changed. If you haven’t changed as much as you would like, I encourage you to pray that God will grow and change you as time goes on. I have prayed that very prayer, and God has never failed to answer it.

So that’s where I’ve been. Where have you been?

By the way, I never realized that the link to the e-book was not working all these 27 days. It is fixed now, and I will put it here as well in case you want to see it.


7 Days to a Closer Relationship With God

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